Linux ARM64 Client Support

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Well Linux ARMH & ARM64 is a somewhat larger market. It’s embarrassing to have to use the ownCloud client to access our Nextcloud server. It works well whereas Webdav struggles.

And if the ownCloud client were to stop working then we would have to revert to an ownCloud server (from which we came). We have been careful not to get locked into dependent stuff like the Hub for that very reason.

Not following you. I’ve been using the Nextcloud desktop client on an ARM64 Linux laptop directly from my package manager for about a year with no issues ever. So, it works perfectly imo.

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And I was able to use webdav directly on Linux as well to organize my data directly, it worked. I didn’t use it that much but I didn’t find any obvious flaws like on Windows or MacOS.

Lucky you. But while there is a client in the repository (2.5.1) for probably the largest ARM distribution (Raspbian) it don’t work. Well somebody got a client to work with a fiddle but even that couldn’t be replicated.

See here:

Whereas the ownCloud client works out of the box and fast. The performance of Webdav directly was woeful. And the point of Nextcloud/ownCloud is to have a set of a database sync to your local filestore where possible.

Issue filed for the Ubuntu repository not staying up to date.

I see the repository currently offers 2.6.4