Links to other folders possible?


I’m moving some folders and files from Windows explorer to next cloud and have an issue. I have two different folders that cover different things but that also have the same categorisations (both have a folder called north America and south America). In Windows explorer I use shortcuts (.lnk) files to ensure that the countries are listed in both separate directories but link to the same folder. How do I do it in next cloud so I (in essence) hyperlink to another directory? All that happens now is it tries to download a file.

Some of you may just say redo your folder organisation which is fine with simple folder organisation but each directory is comprehensive and needs to have a link to the ‘location’ part and it seems silly to just duplicate folders and not have anything in one place. Any help is much appreciated.


Symlinks aren’t supported in the data directory, so that rules that out.
I don’t know of an app that creates shortcuts within the NC interface either.

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My well be a case of:

ummm… i don’t get the problem since in my understanding

/directory_a/america/. is NOT the same as

or is it more like
/america AND
/dir_a/points_to_"/america" AND
/dir_b/points_to_"/america" ?

in the latter case i dunno how to do that with NC.

This will be the case. Or
/dir_a/america AND
to reduce amount of folders.

Also manually creating symlinks would need occ files:scan etc. which is no real beautiful solution. I also don’t know some good solution so far, but the idea is nice. To be able to share files/folders with oneself and put shared files/folders into a certain place of your own file/folder structure would kind of enable this. Or create an own nextcloud internal linking system, if symlinks somehow do not work well.

It would also be unsupported.