Links for datafiles on client

New user question - I have installed Nextcloud server 11.0.3 on an old computer.
On Ubuntu clients can I create a directory which contains symbolic links and will Nextcloud follow the links to actual files and sync those files (or will it only copy the link files themselves?

We use only Linux in the home and have a limited set of application data files (inventory, financial records, etc.) that two people store in different directories on their own computer. I want current versions of those files stored on multiple computers that can be changed by users of any of the computers. Rather than moving those files to a dedicated “sync” (whatever) directory I prefer that each user can keep those files where they want on their computer. If I create a “sync” directory filled with symbolic link files will that work (Nextcloud sync the linked files)? I fear Nextcloud will only copy (sync) the symbolic link files, not the target of the links.

Hope you understand what I mean and thanks for any advice

I ran a test trying to sync a symbolic link file and the ownCloud client activity did not sync my test file reporting symbolic link files cannot be synced. Just as I feared - Now I know!