Link to a file in another directory

I have a Nextcloud 13 setup on Ubuntu right now. I’m currently in the following scenario:

User A has a large file in Folder 1. User A wants to also access the file from Folder 2, from the Web UI, connected sync clients, and mobile clients. User A does not want to upload a second copy of the file to Folder 2, but merely wants to use something similar to a symbolic link or alias to access the file. Currently, the user manually is creating a symbolic link on his sync clients, but it doesn’t sync over to the Web UI and mobile clients.

Assuming I can make changes to the files and folders on the server directly, is there any way to achieve something like a persistent file link across all NC client platforms?

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@Felix_Jen I would assume that you’re looking for a key function of Nextcloud, the file sharing function. Check out

Hi j-ed,

This isn’t exactly what I’m after. Instead of trying to share between users, one of my users wants to access the same file but from two different places in the folder structure.

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