Link name vs. Share renamer

I have been using Share Renamer to give shared links a friendlier and more mnemonic name. I now see there is a capability to set Link Name (outside the Share Renamer addin). Perhaps it was there all along and I never noticed it but what exactly is that for?

There are two Apps for renaming share links:

  1. ShareRenamer (sharerenamer)
  2. Configurable Share Links (cfg_share_links)

2.) makes use of the newest API and delivers slightly more features as 1.)

Thanks! I will check out Configurable Share Links. However, can you tell me what the “Share Label” is?

You could have find the answer with the search function:

@ernolf @ihf
@ernolf you are correct with my quote for normal shares. You can give normal shares a label to differ between them. But i do not know if it is the same function in app Configurable Share Links . I do not use the app. Sorry.

It is exactly the same. “Configurable Share Links” does not use or change anything on the “Share label”