Limits of the build in CODE server


I know of the docker CODE server limits (10 users/20 connections), but I was wondering what about the built-in CODE Server app? Does it have limits as well, besides that it wont scale well? Just opened 13 documents on my NC and it let me do that.


I have no reference handy but I know the 10 connections limit was lifted in recent CODE editions. I don’t know about built-in CODE but if you talking about more than 10 connections likely separated CODE server (even as Docker container on same server) would be more stable than built-in variant. at least it is more future-proof as you can later separate more easily to another host if required…

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Do you have some source for that? That would be great. Is there a new higher limit or did they remove it entirely?

take a look at and their github. likely you find it. COOL project is very good organized and fiendly. If doubt drop a question in the forum.

Thanks. Here for example is stated that there is no limit. Great!