Limit users in Nextcloud


Can you somehow limit the users that you can have in your Nextcloud?

As an example:
Can you set so that you only can have 5 users in the Nextcloud and if you are trying to create a 6th one, you will get an error or denied?

Or can you change that in the MySQL somehow without destroying something? (Limiting oc_users to 5 rows or somehow)

Nothing really implemented, there are perhaps apps that can help you with that or you have to do it. From my point of view, it makes only sense to limit the storage. A single person might want to have different accounts for different devices or purposes, or even functional accounts that share certain information with other users. And 10 users don’t have to use more resources than 5.

I’m not aware of such a feature. Normally the sysadmin would be responsible for user provisioning. What is it you are trying to do? There may be a better way.

We are looking into selling managed Nextcloud and price will be based on a limited user number, which should not be able to be overwritten via web frontend

There are Nextcloud hoster like who manage the nextcloud users outside Nextcloud and gives the users not access to nextcloud user-management or app-management. I think you can use Nextcooud APIs.
Look vido with at this position (sorry german). Other nextcloud hoster only minimize disk usage and not user usage.