Limit Nextcloud talk video to group


I know that there are many similar topics in this forum, but unfortunately none of them answer my questions.

I want a way to turn off the video and audio in Nextcloud talk so text chat is the only feature in use. Currently it seems to be impossible to do that. Is there any plans to att a function so i can limit video calls to a group or turn off video calls completely?

The reason why i want to use talk is because i want to have all self hosted services integrated with Nextcloud without the need of creating a separate user account for each service. For example i can use Jitsi with Nextcloud and limit the use of it to one group only.

You can read or write at issues.
Sometimes I would also like to have fewer functions and more configuration options.

Thank you for your answer.

I have looked at Github and also in this forum, but unfortunately this seems to not be a high priority for the developers of Nextcloud talk.

Yes, I think so too. But your wish would probably be very easy to implement.

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