Lightroom & Nextcloud (no plugin, tags?)

Hello, I just installed my first Nextcloud on a remote server. I have thousands of images in Lightroom that I would like to put in Nextcloud.

  1. there is not dedicated plugin for Lightroom, correct?
  2. My biggest issue is tags. Is there anyway to import my Lightroom tags with the image? The tags written into exif are imported as “keywords” and they are not editable or searchable, as far as I can tell.

Any reply?

Nextcloud is primarily an office and file collaboration platform, comparable to Google Workspaces or M365. For things like file sharing, collaborative document editing, note taking, calendar, contacts, project management, communications, etc… it is very good and is getting better with every new release.

It also has has a Photos app, which is meant to be a Google Photos replacement. However, this is aimed at consumers who simply want to have their phone photos stored in a timeline. It is not aimed at ambitious hobby photographers or even professional photographers, and it is not at all comparable to a tool like Lightroom, except that both of them do things with image files. :wink:

You might be able to store your Lightroom library on your Nextcloud server by using the Desktop Sync Client (you would have to test, whether this works without issues), but you would still have to use Lightroom or a similar tool on your PC to edit and manage your photos, at least if you want to have anything close to feature parity.

If you only want to host the finished photos on a web platform, organize them and share them with others, Nextcloud Photos or Memories might be enough. But even then, it might be worth looking at dedicated solutions like Photoprism, or at some of the other tools from that list. But be aware, none of these tools are drop-in replacements for Lightroom. The closest to a Lightroom replacement would probably be this: Damselfy

Hi @bb77 , I am so thrilled to read your reply because you’re addressing everything thats going on in my head - as I keep searching for the right tool.
NextCloud is impressive and the perfect answer to big tech and hopefully one of the tools that will eventually destroy the hegemony of the billionares who shamelessly milk us for our data.
I think you’re right that I need to focus on another tool like Photoprism or Dameslfy because I need more than just display images.

MY PROJECT: It’s a content marketing project for a travel site. There are 20k pics (including raw and heic) and videos (mostly mp4) that need to be accessible to multiple remote editors to be able to quickly find the images (tagging critical) and upload and downlaod to & from PC and Android.

Lightroom integration is not necessary. It’s just that currently the files are in lightroom and been heavily tagged. So I need a way to get the tagging into server. Piwigo’s plugin seem to be able to do that, although haven’t yet tested.

Damselfy sounds amazing - esecially workflow with lightroom. But it doesn’t handle videos yet. Photoprism doesn’t yet have multiuser. Piwigo is just albums. Nextcloud is wonderful with all the ways you can comment and leave notes, collaboarate, do calendars, write up the articles, etc., but not made for imaging work, as you wrote.

There’s like no one item made for multiple users to collaboarate on images and videos.

Any comments you might have I would love to hear it. thans for your attention again.