Lightest Linux distro with easy setup(noob help)

New to most programming things… Last time I used Ubuntu was Mint in 2008 or so… Basically just looking for a basic music and movie server… Will occasionally be linking single large(5-50gb) files to friends… All media is mp3/mp4 and needs no trans to play on devices… Running off laptop w/ core2 duo and 4 gb ram… Is what I want to do possible or? Was able to run server software on windows but I like the idea of nextcloud and don’t want to put it on my gaming rig… Thanks for any help…

@Syco_Guy Seeing as NC will run on Raspberry Pi, I think you have sufficient hardware to run a very small instance (like you mentioned) on any linux distro of your choice. Easiest way is to do it, and see what happens? :slight_smile:

I installed Linux Lite and attempted to install the snap package but ?the distro doesn’t support snap packages?.. Can it be done with Linux Light/Puppy/Bodhi? If not what distro would you advise? I tried Ubuntu 18.04 but it alone ate all the ram and refused to load a browser after I finished initial setup(Terminal) and went to log into the web Gui…

If you want to run snap package refer to this list. It will show you which OS’ are supported and how to get snapd running.

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snap is easier, but if you want a “real” system and/or expand later.

the following runs on ubuntu 16/18, debian 9, centos 7. use the devel branch (git checkout devel).

it assumes a new installed os. that is to say if there is for example apache already installed it won’t work. probably.