LibreSign installation?

Can someone guide me through installing the LibreSign app (without docker)? I have nextcloud running after doing a turnkey linux nextcloud install.

I don’t use it myself, but instructions for seting up standalone Java/JSignPDF and installing the CFSSL server are linked on the GitHub page… libresign/ at main · LibreSign/libresign · GitHub

But why not using the docker container? Seems to be much easier that way and you don’t have to clutter your system with additional packages and libraries…

I tried Docker, but those instructions weren’t any better. It says:

Add the follow to Nextcloud PHP container Dockerfile

But there is no mention of where the “Nextcloud PHP container Dockerfile” is or what it is.

The next step really made me confused:

Don’t is necessary if you use a docker setup or if you did the standalone setup
Up a cfssl server using this code:

Not sure if that’s even English.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you more than what’s in the documentation, I’ve never used it myself… Maybe you can describe in little more detail what went wrong and hopefully someone else will be able help you…

Well let’s start with issue #1: there is no mention of where the “Nextcloud PHP container Dockerfile” is or what it is.
And if NOT using Docker is easier, I can certainly try that, but I don’t really understand those commands either. It says to use occ to install the app, but where do I extract the tar.gz file before I begin?


A Dockerfile is a file that defines a set of commands to build a Container Image.

If you run nextcloud in docker and want to install additional software that is not included
in the default image, you need to build your own image. That is what a Dockerfile is for.
PLEASE read the official docker documentation: Dockerfile reference | Docker Documentation

This is not as complicated as you may think. Your custom Dockerfile could look something like:

# Don't use apline, otherwise you can't use apt-install if you need that
FROM nextcloud:25.0.1-fpm  # never use latest - you never know what you get with latest!

# Example 1
RUN apt-get install someSoftware -y # you need -y to confirm the installation

# Example 2
WORKDIR /var/www/html #Change workdir to run php commands
RUN php occ someCommand

# IMPORTANT - You need to specify the user your nextcloud currently uses.
USER "1000:1000"

You don’t need anything more in your Dockerfile if you just want to install more stuff.

If you use docker-compose to spin up your nextcloud, replace the FROM tag of your app
with BUILD: ./. Build expects the relative path to the Dockerfile. You don’t need to add the filename if you stick to the default.

If you need to actually build the image (e.g. because you use portainer and can’t build from the compose) then you should give your custom image the same version as specified in the FROM section. My custom image name for example looks like nextcloud-custom:25.0.1-fpm.

I would add the full Dockerfile needed for libre sign here, but I haven’t tried the install commands for libre sign yet.