Libreoffice required for Collabora?

To be able to use the richcontent app (Collabora Online), is there a libreoffice installation required at the server? I have not found that documented and no error appears after enabling the app. But I found a config option, where you can set the path to libreoffice. Nextcloud version is 12.0.0

No, just install the Collabora docker…

The only configuration you have to make in Nextcloud admin panel is to set the path to collabora:

The customer installed Nextcloud at a shared host, so … no docker is available there.

He has to install collaboraonline anyway and give it an own sudomain. Search the Forum for installing collabora without docker. But im sceptic if this will work without root privileges…
The Nextcloud collabora app just connects nextcloud to your collabora installation.

Thank you! Is there any “collabora online as a service” offered anywhere?

@necl If you have sudo permissions you could use the Collabora or OnlyOffice script provided in the Nextcloud VM: |

And no, you don’t need Libreoffice. :slight_smile:

In fact the docker version is called CODE (Collaboration Online Development Edition), not Collabora

Collabora Office sells services of the latest stable release for production environments. (

Also you could try building LibreOffice Online on a Ubuntu VPS with enough resources, that won’t be that stable but enough to have the online experience.


Okay, thank you for your help! Lets see what the customer says…