LibreOffice 5.4 intégration with Nextcloud

does someone try to complie libreoffice 5.4 and libreoffice online and make them works with Nextcloud ?


That’s not a problem at all. See my blog It’s in german and slightly outdated. But there’s a two script collections for setting up a nextcloud server with LibreOffice online office, see

Hi there!
You can check this script:
It is the result of many hours of research. It should give you what you’re looking for
Although one must know that compiling libre office requires a lot of power and patience. :wink:

Yes I test this script yersterday but I haven’t seen the -l option where we can say wich version of libreoffice to use : ./ -l

And yes is very very long to compile libreoffice (10h in a virtualbox vm with 4Go of Ram and 2 cpus).

I’ll to to test compilation with libreoffice 5.4 this week-end.


Seems there is a mistake in the readme file :confused: I’ll fix that.
the l option is legacy and work only with commit id from the libreoffice repository
the script will guess which commit to choose to get the best stable Loowsd service, by default the latest release of collabora
Of course you can choose to stick to a specific version, but this requires you go exploring the core and online libreoffice repositories.
You can also copy the cfg file in the script, put it where you want and edit it to change how the script behave.

Ok thanks I’ll try it

It’s works with LibreOffice 5.4.1 :

And in dev with LibreOffice 5.4.2

Thanks @aalaesar to you’re good job with this script

did you try this on arm device , like pi?

the raspberry pi do not meet the hardware requirement to allow compilation on the board itself.
you can try to do cross compilation and packaging before installation on the pi itself.
Any return of experience on this topic would be appreciated :smiley:

Do you have information about how to cross compile ? I think I could do it last week-end.

sorry @guidtz,
I dont have any knowledge on cross compile,
but if somebody guide me, i can try to do it.
Hope you will guide me.

I did some research about it some months ago,
it is basically preparing a new tool-chain to build for another architecture,
then using it instead of the classic one
In its current state, the script could theoretically cross compil Lo-Online with a minimum of modifications but the resulting software could not be tested or easily installed.
It would require post-build actions (make install&& creating the systemd unit file) to take place onto the raspberry instead and copying all the built binaries onto the pi even before (without guarantee it will work)
Lots of research, trial and errors in perspective.
but hey, that’s how we learn things! :smile:

Because of this constraints, the main priority for now (on my perspective) is to get deb packaging automated in the script before starting to look over automated cross-compilation.

Here’s a good start for research : a feedback about cross-compiling the linux kernel for the pi
Steps 2.x to 5.x contains usefull infos to get a cross-building tool chain for arm
The raspberry fundation’s official guide for kernel building also have instructions for cross-building for arm
as this article on hackaday
So there is quite enough material to begin with. :smile:


It seems very good so sadly I have no physical ressource to make search about this :frowning:

So can someone post the command to install libreofficeOnline 5.4? What -l and -o options did you use?

tried: ./ -l 22b09f6 -o b4b777d without success. Still have lool 5.3.

You can connect Libreoffice with Nextcloud via Webdav, do you know it?
But in my experience is very bad, Libreoffice is sending data while you are writing and Libreoffice is freezing every time, but I guess maybe is my version or configuration, but you could try it.