Let customers sign order confirmation in person on tablet

Hi. Is there any Nextcloud app, which I could use to let a customer sign a PDF document with a digi pen on a tablet (or his finger)? There is one which is called “Sign Live!” but you have to pay 2400 Euros for 1200 signatures. Is there anything free?

Though NC itself comes for free but without reliable support it doesn‘t neccessarily mean that all additional apps would be free as well.

I doubt there will be any free version for solving your problem soon since your problem isn’t really a priority homeuser problem.

So while waiting on a free version you either put thought into buying this service or having someone code it for you ( you then could give it away for free to the community)

This will do it; Nextcloud-Other / Nextcloud Annotate · GitLab

Thanks in advance. I really thought about coding one for free and make it available to all of us DSGVO sufferers… :wink:
Gonna give Nextcloud Annotate a try.
Thanks a lot!