Leave a public poll


i’ve got a Nextcloud account on a shared server which is hosting lots of accounts.

And i don’t why but some users invited me to answer a poll, for few ot them a long time ago.
So these polls appear into the “relevant” category and the problem is : i have nothing to do with them, i don’t even know these people.

My question is : is there a way to leave or hide these polls please ?

Thanks a lot for this great app btw :+1:

Unfortunately not. These seem to be open polls, addressed to all users of this site and the polls got not archived. If someone adds an open poll, it is assumed, that all site useres are intended to participate.

But it makes me think of th feature to add polls, which had no interaction since a configurable time to the autoarchive function.

But I would like to understand the circumstances. How many users does this site have and do they all belong to the same organisation?

Thank you for this quick answer.

Well an autoarchive feature would be a start, one of these polls started 2 years ago and it’s still in the list. All of them have no closing date.

About the circumstances, i’m paying a small yearly subscription to get a Nextcloud account on a shared server. These servers are managed by a small company providing services based on free softwares.
I don’t know the exact number of users per server but I know that their policy is not to exceed 1000 users.
On each server, we are all part of the same organization.

I have also no solution. But maybe you also like the app Forms. You can use it to create nice surveys and export to CSV.

For the app Polls you can read or write at polls/issues.

So, all polls you see are part of your organisation?

@devnull Any reason, why you hijack issues here for promoting Forms? I have no problem with promoting it in general since Forms is a fork of polls, but it makes no sense in the case of an issue like that. You don’t deliver a value for the topic.

Sorry. I wrote it because sometimes there is another way. A little bit Collabora Online vs. ONLY OFFICE. Both are good solitions. And yes, mostly you must find the solution in the original software. I like Polls an Forms.

I could imagine to add time criterias based on the poll’s age, the highest date in date polls, last interaction.

Would that help? I could plan that for the next version.

These polls come from other customers like me, hosted on the same server so i think that’s the case.

That would be an helpful feature if it allows the user to set the number of days like you seem to suggest in the Github ticket issue.

Thank you !