Leapfrogging the application centered desktop: Create a knowlewdge workers' dream desktop

Nextcloud is a great tool to collaborate. People, Files, Communication, Sharing and Discussion are all integrated. But it is not the perfect tool for a knowledge worker - yet. Some tools like MS Teams are a nightmare to use as a knowledge worker - the structure follows time instead of context, context is largely ignored and everything is crowded and messy.

There’s a small team in Berlin working on a Semantic Desktop: Background | DeepaMehta

Jörg Richter and his team have great Ideas. But they are not gaining the traction and adoption rates they deserve. Nextcloud one the other hand has a great technical basis, works like a charm (I use it every day and love it) and has great adoption rates, is gaining more and more traction but lacks some things for being the perfect tool for knowlgede workers. I think it would be good for both projects to integrate the UI of DeepaMetha as an App in Nextcloud. Instead of going from a file-centric tool to an application centric tool and maybe, well, introduce Channels or Wikis as the only way to structure your work and collboration, Nextcloud could leapfrog the application centric UI and introduce a semantic desktop view as an Standard app.