Leaking of foldername of Link using iMessage or Telegram

Nextcloud version: 13.02
Operating system and version: debian 9

The issue you are facing: Link leaks foldername when posted via iMessage or Telegram

  1. Create folder
  2. Share folder by link
  3. Copy Link to iMessage or Telegram Chat

results in this

Could be something by design because you can also share folders to other users, who will then see this as a folder in their files app. If you ask people to upload stuff and they have different links from you for upload, the information could helpful if it is “holiday pictures to share” or “car accident”. In the end it is content you want to share with this user, so why not know the name of the folder (surely not the whole parent-folder structure). I understand that you could also say, why sharing the folder name, there is no use for that.

If you see a problem with that, feel free to open an issue on the bug tracker at https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues. The developers can probably tell you, why they took this decision. And if there are good reasons to change, they hopefully will do it.