ldapUserAvatarRule for Active Directory

Hello, greetings to all.

Has anyone configured LDAP with active directory? I have had no problem with authentication or groups, but I have a doubt and that is how to get the profile picture, I have changed the default attribute with

occ ldap:set-config “s01” “ldapUserAvatarRule” “data:thumbnailPhoto”

occ ldap:set-config “s01” “ldapUserAvatarRule” “thumbnailPhoto”

occ ldap:set-config “s01” “ldapUserAvatarRule” “default”

But I don’t get any result, I appreciate some help.

If you run ./occ ldap:check-user <user> --update it should force an update (avatars included) rather than waiting for the background job or a login.

It also should give you an indication if that’s happening / not happening in the output and an opportunity to see if any exceptions are occurring.

Thanks for replying, but should it be left as default or should thumbnailPhoto be set?