LDAP with GSSAPI (kerberos) authentication or SSSD

Hi I try to setup nextcloud 26 and the basic setup did work. I also managed to setup sso with kerberos/gssapi on the apache2 server.

I try now to connect my nextcloud server to my IAM for authentication and user management. My LDAP uses kerberos (gssapi) for authentication of the connections. I didn’t find any information if it is possible to use gssapi in the ldap connection of nextcloud.

I also tried to use local users in nextcloud and authenticate them with the sso app using the gssapi from apache2 but that didt work either.

An other option would be to use the sssd service of the server. Is that possible?

I would be finde to configure toe users in nextcloud as it are only a few users but the sso using kerberos / gssapi is key.

Any help how to make it?

I did install that app but I couldt get iit to work. Ist there a description how it needs to configured? All I did find are links to the costumer portal of bextcloud.

I did configrue appache to work with kerberos sso. But I am not sure if I need to setup the users differently or I did mess up the configuration of the sso app in nextcloud.