LDAP Users still in contact search field after disabling LDAP - configuration?!?


i installed the latest NC on Ubuntu 18LTS, played a little around with a connection to a LDAP Server an now i mentioned 2 strange behaviors:

  1. I deleted the LDAP configuration and all the LDAP User in the User Admin page are gone - thats ok - but they are still in this “contact search field” in the top right corner of the site…
  2. There are not only entries which at not longer in the User Admin site - every entry is doubled?!?!

See the Screenshot i have attached…


Problem solved - strange, but i had to repair the problem by myself using this command:

sudo -u www-data php occ dav:sync-system-addressbook

Problem solved halve - i still have a few deactivated Users in the “deactivated” list in my user admin page which i dont see - they where deactivated before i disabled and deleted the ldap connection - so my admin page show me 6 deactivated users which i can not see nor reach because they are not here anymore?
Is there also a occ command like the one above i uses to sync my adrbook for the deactivated users?!?!?


I was having a similar problem with getting my LDAP users to show up, and this helped me fix it.

HI @Zappa

I faced the similar problem today but cannot get rid of those users. It appears to me that there are leftovers in table oc_card. It happens as well, when a user is removed in the ldap server.

sudo -u www-data php occ dav:sync-system-addressbook

did not really help. I still see the deleted users in the contact search field. It appears to me that it comes from the fact that ldap also adds the users to some contact / Carddav database. But I have no clue how to delete this.

I also have no OCC access and no database access as my nextcloud is hosted.