LDAP user quota

I installed web appliance from (https://www.hanssonit.se/nextcloud-vm/).
I set quota to all LDAP user’s. Quota per user is 5 GB, now i have some request for bigger quota for some LDAP user’s. I change quota (5 GB to 10 GB) from users wheel, but when the user login over web or desktop client quota does not been changed. If I search for users with bigger quota, quota does not been changed.

Nextcloud 15.0.7

The question is:
How to change quota for some ldap users?

Looks like i also have a problem with LDAP-Group quota, when i change to personal setting of a user, the quota is showing the new value, i logged in and out from the admin account to check it, and the value was still changed … the user logged in, and he has the “old” LDAP quota :-(.
Changed the quota in LDAP now (which is not what i want a general default) and he gets this new quota from LDAP. LDAP-quota seems to override any other setting … but not for all, realy strange.