LDAP user password change from Nextcloud


NC: 24.0.7

LDAP is integrated with Nextcloud. Ldap users can login to nextcloud but they cannot change their password. I have checked relevant topics on forum but nothing works.

Can someone advise step by step procedure to enable ldap user to change their passwords

NC Settings with LDAP


also tried attribute:

Please advice. Thanks

LDAP Write app.

Thank you for reply, but i am still not able to change password as a ldap user

Please advice

This should work without any issues, as long as you use LDAPS and sets up the correct hash algorithm to use.


will it work with LDAP? I have not LDAPS, is this issue with my setup?

Yes. LDAP standard. Passwords are protected, so is blocked from being changed over unencrypted connection.
Or that is not entirely true. Logging in as Admin, you can change a users password. However the users themselves cannot. You can configure your LDAP to allow password changes through unsecure connections. But my bet is either (and maybe both) reasons is password hashing not matching schema, and unencrypted LDAP connection and communication.