LDAP user and group backend Disabled

apps LDAP user and group backend is disable Can you help me !

If you expect any help on a problem, I cannot see one on your one-sentence description. Please follow the usual rule, provide DETAILED information on your environment, the used software versions, any related information from the Nextcloud log file and try to describe your problem using multiple sentences. Be as precise as possible so that your problem can be understood.

I install nextcloud 20.0.3 in redhat 7.8, but i can’t to enable LDAP user and group backend for configuration
howa i can to enable ?

Read the app description in the right part of the screen which explains why the app cannot be activated yet. Install the missing component and you will most likely be able to activate the app.

i resolve this problem by : i install yum install -y php72w-ldap
Thanks for your time

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