LDAP support user limit nextcloud

Hi All,

If we enable LDAP in nextcloud, is there any users count restrictions. will it support unlimited users or any limit?

also how to disable download option in share file window

Please help

Not sure if thre are any limitations specific to LDAP, but there is this: Push Notifications - Nextcloud

There is a “Hide Download” option in the share menu: Secure view - Prevent your shared files from getting downloaded - Nextcloud

Note: This will not prevent well versed users from getting the direct link to the file via developer tools of the browser or from taking screen captures etc…

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If Hide Download is activated the user can add /download to get the download (and this is no secret). You can not deny download if the user can see the data. But you can use Secure view (watermarking) to recognize illegally redistributed documents.

Thanks All, i would like to restrict desktop and mobile and desktop download option or links. is there any way to restrict?

You can find global sharing options in Nextcloud → Administration → Sharing or use this link for your Nextcloud: https://cloud.server.tld/settings/admin/sharing

I think you can deny sharing for all users. That is the only way to deny download from third parties. But i have not tested it. Makes less sense for me.

i didn’t see option to block in that link, could you please share setting name?

Could you please someone help me on this? i also need to disable desktop application link in web page and allow download file sharing files

  1. You can’t block downloads, you can only hide the download button.
  2. There is no setting in Nextcloud → Administration → Sharing to hide the download button per default / globally. It’s only possible on a “per share” basis: https://nextcloud.com/wp-content/webp-express/webp-images/uploads/2019/05/secure-view-enabled.png.webp

Can’t help with that, but maybe it’s possible by adding some Custom CSS code. There are also several threads in the forums where people are discussing how to hide elements or customize the interface in general.

Thanks you, while opening ppt documents i am getting error The server encountered a io error while parsing the load command

do i need to change any settings in office?

Hard to say without knowing anything about your setup, and beside of that it’s off-topic in this thread. (technically the “Hide Download” topic was already off-topic :wink: ) So, please open a new thread and try to provide as much information as possible by using the support template.