Ldap Servers Integration

I want to ask about Ldap server if is there any edits on user on ldap server by Ldap Server Administrator is this user will receive mail by nextcloud its data has changed??
or in another way does nextcloud listen on changes on ldap server ?? and if yes where can I find this Piece of code??

Yes, it does.
You add a user on the LDAP server - it shows up as Nextcloud user…

I mean if the user doesn’t login to nextcloud it is only added to ldap server
if there is changes to his mail on ldap server nextcloud will know and if yes how ?

What does this mean?
LDAP and Mail are different servers/services…

yes LDAP server is on seperate server from the server of nextcloud application the LDAP server nextcloud application installed which allow users registered on LDAP server database to login on nextcloud by their mails and password registered there

I understood exactly ZERO from your last post…
Do you use some translating services? What is your native language?

yes LDAP and Mail are different servers