LDAP Server is down, How to retrieve Users


Our LDAP server is down, I have disabled LDAP by following command

sudo -u www-data php occ ldap:set-config “s01” “ldapConfigurationActive” “0”

Now local users are able to login.

Now issue is that LDAP users are not able to logged in. Definitely they cannot login since LDAP is unavailable. Now I need to migrate LDAP accounts to Local Users anyhow,

I tried by removing the entry of a user from oc_ldap_user_mapping and created user of same uid, display name in oc_users.

But user unable to logged in/ unable to receive forgot password email. i can see LDAP users exist in oc_accounts and having email there. But ldap users are no longer available in Users of Web GUI interface.

It is tricky, can someone suggest solution?

NC: 24.0.7
OS: Debain 11

As far as i now it is not possible to switch an LDAP based user to a regular user because all Login Information is stored inside Active DIrectory.


Thank you for reply.

I had tested migration of LDAP user to Nextcloud Local user. But in that case LDAP was Live. Just removed LDAP user from oc_ldap_user_mapping and created user of same uid, display name in oc_users and left the password empty. Then At GUI interface clicked on Fogot Password all went well. For more details this is perfect procedure, but difference is that I did with phpmyadmin

But now my case is different i.e. LDAP is down. Now i am stuck to retrieve user accounts. There should be workaround.

Please Suggest

There is no workaround because all users, group memberships etc. are retrieved from AD via LDAP in “realtime”. LDAP sync is applied every 10 minutes or so. There is some caching in between but after the next synchronization you will not have any users shown inside Nextcloud usermanagement.

You will need to fix your AD or the LDAP connection to get those users back. If Nextcloud is such an important thing that it is even connected to an Active Directory - why is there no backup server for AD already setup and configured inside Nextcloud LDAP connector?

Please don’t get me wrong - we have Nextcloud Enterprsie running as a cluster connected to 14 ADs and every LDAP connection has a failover server configured.