LDAP Server Change / User migration


I’m running into an issue. I have a basic setup where multiple users are authenticated against LDAP ( Active Directory). I have no issue with that.

Now I have the issue that must switch the LDAP server to a new Active Directory domain. Users are the same and usernames remains the same here.

If I switch to that new LDAP/AD Server, the users are created as new users as the LDAP structure has changed completed.

How do I manage/handle this ? Is there a script to rewrite the user in the tables with that
new structure. So that the users ID in nextcloud and the data remains the same, just the authentication is done at a new backend.

Has anybody done this before ?

I hope someone has something :wink:

Many Greetings

The user is based on the LDAP UUID, which is unique for each user. How are the home folders named in the data directory? If they are named using their username, there is a chance that the migration can be made easier by keeping the same username.

In the Advanced and Expert tabs of the LDAP app, what are the User Home Folder Naming Rule and Internal Username settings set to?

Hello, have you solved this problem? I encountered the same problem. When I changed the original ldap to freeipa, the original directory was created randomly by UUID, so a new folder will be created after replacing the ldap, and the original record will not be seen when logging in.I am looking forward to your reply if the problem is solved. Thank you

Hello, I have the same problem. I want to migrate an old samba to a new samba.
Thank you

Hi everyone,

May we have the same problem.
I have a workaround, but don’t know it this is a good way: LDAP Migration with different DN

Did you find any solution so far?

May you find also useful this topic:

you can use openldap in meta backend, proxy ldap mode.
suffix massage option.
no need to change something in njextcloud.