LDAP SAML Remote User

Hi, I have nextcloud configured using SAML , configured with REMOTE_USER=SHIBUCLALOGONID as a for shibboleth authentication ’ and LDAP . Users are able to login to nextcloud trough shibboleth if a local account exist matching the SHIBUCLALOGONID variable. Users are not able to login to nextcloud trough shibboleth if the same account exists in the LDAP database. The error I’m getting is :

Error while trying to login using sso environment variable: Auto provisioning not allowed and user MYUSERNAME does not exist

If I disable user_saml authentication and I use only LDAP authentication everything works fine for the same users.

It looks like that nextcloud is not looking into the LDAP database if users log via user_saml but is looking only to local defined account on nextcloud.

Just to let you know that the option:
Only allow authentication if an account exists on some other backend. (e.g. LDAP) is checked on the user_saml app settings page.


Is anybody reading this post ?
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