LDAP not enableable

Hi guys,

I have successfully installed the NextCloud.
I need to configure LDAP to establish an AD connection.

When I try to acticate the App I recieve the message the the ldap lib is necessary for activating the app. What exactlly have I to install now?

Thanks a lot!

I think the Nextcloud administrator guide contains all required information, just read it :wink:

I have installed the php-ldap but unfortunately, it still not works

  • Have you double-checked that the module is correctly configured and also being loaded?

  • Have you checked the availability of the dependencies of the module e.g. by executing the following command (adjust the path as required on your server):

    ldd /usr/lib/php7/extensions/ldap.so


I checked the file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf and activated the extension by leaving “extension = ldap” uncommented. Then I restarted the web server.

I also followed your mentioned Knowledge Base article.
Unfortunately nothing has changed.

After installing php-ldap I have a 8.0 folder in /etc/php/
Before I only had the 7.4 folder. Maybe this is the problem?

You cannot mix-up two different PHP versions. You have to make sure that the right module for PHP 7.4 is installed and loaded if that is your default version to be used. Additionally you should check if the module is correctly loaded and configured by executing the phpinfo command from within a php script file.

BTW, this is a general web server configuration issue and has nothing to do with Nextcloud, except that the module is required to use a specific function. Tons of guides exist on the internet which describe how you need to configure your web server environment and load the mentioned module :wink:

Okay, I have the solution.

Instead of use “apt install php-ldap” I have used now “php7.4-ldap” and it works now.

Thanks for support!

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