LDAP Integration - Creating local users

Hi guys,

I’m running a Nextcloud 22.2.3 (Debian 10, PHP 7.4, Apache) with LDAP/AD Integration add-on installed. On my Microsoft AD server I created a read-only user for authenticating already existing
active-directory users. When I try to add a new user (i don’t want to have this user in my AD) nextcloud gives me the following error in the logging tab:

Error: ldap_add(): Add: Insufficient access at /var/www/html/apps/ldap_write_support/lib/LDAPUserManager.php#233
Unable to create LDAP user ‘mustermann’ (uid=mustermann,dc=*****,dc=local)

Which is absolutely understandable as the AD user is read-only but how do I create
local database users instead ? The documentation states, that it does support read-only
operation: Quote: “Only read access to your LDAP (edit or delete of users on your LDAP is not supported)”

This should not break the user creating feature I guess ?

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance <3