LDAP home directory

Hi Im new to Nextcloud so please bare with me.

I have a working nextcloud and LDAP setup.
I can login and mount shares.
What i want to do is for all my users to get they’re home folder mapped in nextcloud.

I’ve tried adding /Home/$user but i doesn’t work.
Changing to /Home/tsl for example works just fine.

I’ve set “Internal Username Attribute:” to “sAMAccountName”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Edit: Is this an “Enterprise only solution”?

Does anyone know if i can map my active directory users home folder from nextcloud or is it an enterprise feature?

If i can could someone please give me some guidance on how to achieve this?

No, normally there are no dedicated enterprise apps. Your post was uncategorized and therefore a bit hidden. @blizzz can you help out with LDAP?

@Dudde, related to your work with NC and LDAP, i wonder how you’d give the LDAP user home folder write access to the user the NC web server is running as?
Is it possible to use ACL to achieve this. E.g NFS mount all the LDAP home directories using the ACL option with mount on a server and then use a common group with rw permission to write to the data?
I.e mounted files and the user web server is running as will be member of that common group.

I’ve briefly read
I’ve not used oC/NC with LDAP so far, but would like to know if this would work :slight_smile:

I havent touched my NextCloud project for some time now but im still having problem with this issue. I can access shares from my AD domain, but i haven’t been able to auto mount users home folders. So any help on this is still needed.

Wasted a lot of time on this as well. I’m assuming you are mounting Samba shares using the External Storage?

I have set up a share as follows:

Folder Name: Home
External Storage: smb/cifs
Authentication: Log-in credentials save in session
server: servername
share: homes
Remote Subfolder:/
Domain: Samba/AD domain.

That should give users an External Share called Home that is mapped to the server home directory.

hello, as far as i can see on my NC using your conf the user sees all the homes.
isn’t it possible to filter using something like Remote subfolder = %User or $samaccountname ?
ok, bad permissions on fileserver and active directory.
ignore please :slight_smile:

Okey im back too this project and im still having the same problem.
I just cant figure out how on earth I can tell NC to mount all our users home directories.

There must be someone who got this working and can tell us how your setup looks?

Okey so this was what i did to make this work:
Under Expert and Internal Username Attribute i put "sAMAccountName"
and under Advanced, Special Attributes, User Home Folder Naming Rule i also put "sAMAccountName"
Then i changed the share folder into /Home/$user and it all works just fine

new variable for this is $home

Hey I thought I’ll add my input as we do this on a regular basis and I can’t seem to find anyone that that’s cracked or posted a workaround.

to access the home drives “$user” doesn’t work but $USER does, it’s case sensitive.

so for us it’s Eg

DC01 as host
Home$ as the hidden share
$USER remote subfolder to map to each users home drive.

SMBclient was unbearably slow, so we mount the share as an NFS, then mount it to Linux internally and then use NC to connect to it.

The NFS bit isn’t essential but we find it allot faster.