LDAP Groups don't show up in Nextcloud

Nextcloud version: 27.1.1

The issue you are facing: LDAP Groups are found in LDAP/AD-Integration but don’t show up as Groups on users page

Under LDAP/AD Integration → Groups I use the following LDAP query:


When checking the configuration it says “1 Group found”. When adding more CNs, those groups are found and counted as well.

However when I go to the “users” page only local groups are displayed. LDAP users are shown correctly and are able to login. In their profile groups don’t show up either.

Unfortunately I don’t have any further information on the System, php-Version etc because the nextcloud has been set up by an external provider. If anyone still has any idea where the problem might be, help is greatly appreciated.
If you need any further information about the setup I’ll try to provide as much information as I can.

Thanks in advance for any help.