LDAP fallbacks (configuring multiple DCs)

Nextcloud version :
Operating system and version : CentOS 7
Apache or nginx version : apache
PHP version : 8.1

user_ldap version : 1.16.0

We want to configure LDAP in an environment with four DomainControllers (dc1.domain.local, dc2.domain.local, …) and we want to configure as much redundancy as possible.

I am aware of the backup-host which can be configured in the “advanced” tab and I know not to use multiple configs as a fallback-solution (which does not work, when one server is not available).

Anyway, with the current ldap_user app I can configure just one backup-server, which means I can use two DCs in total. As already mentioned, in this setup, we do have four and I would like to use all of them for redundancy.

We tried to enter the domain-name as a hostname (e.g. domain.local , which resolves to,, and, which does work until one of those DCs is not available - so this is not working for redundancy.

Is there a way to configure additional backup-hosts?
Or are there plans to enhance the configuration to be able to do that?

Thank you in advance & kind regards

I don’t believe so, but the most reliable answer would come from enterprise support:

You’d also be able to request that enhancement if not.