LDAP email address override / update

Nextcloud version: 16.0.5
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Nginx: 1.14.0
PHP version: 7.3.9
Collabora Online 3.4.2

Is there any way you can use LDAP authentication BUT still allow the user to change their email address?

If not is there a way you can update the email address being stored (LDAP email address field is empty) maybe from the command line?

Many thanks.

Apparently you can do it one at a time as an administrator in the User section. Other than that I don’t see any settings that would allow the users to change their own email addresses unfortunately.

Perhaps you could request this on the issue tracker: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues

As far as batch updating emails, I guess you would have to do it in the database (run a query). The value is stored within a json object, so I would probably export the data, update it, and then reinsert the data into the oc_accounts table. The value looks like this:

{"displayname":{"value":"Firstname Lastname","scope":"contacts","verified":"0"},"address":{"value":"","scope":"private","verified":"0"},"website":{"value":"","scope":"private","verified":"0"},"email":{"value":"address@domain.com","scope":"contacts","verified":"0"},"avatar":{"scope":"contacts"},"phone":{"value":"","scope":"private","verified":"0"},"twitter":{"value":"","scope":"private","verified":"0"}}

Thank you for the information - very much appreciated.

Of course in an idea world the LDAP directory would be up to date. I think there really should be a way of doing this via the UI so I will log an issue as you suggest.