LDAP and WebDAV auto login

Hello guys,

I’m using nextcloud 9 on ubuntu 16.04 with LDAP plugin enabled. LDAP server is MS Server 2012 r2. Login for users over the webui of nextcloud works great and all data (name, mail, etc.) is pulled correctly. Now I would like to give my users a network share to work with their folders inside NC. To connect to their folders using net use X: https://mycloudserver… they need to type in their usernames and password on every reboot. Is there a way to pass the windows login credentials / using integrated windows authentication to achieve a SSO to the WebDAV folder of nextcloud?

Thanks in advance


Nobody has a solution or an idea?

I think you must take the difference into account between the authentication of the desktop client (for example against an LDAP backend) and the webbrowser (also authenticating on the same LDAP, but in the browser).

There is no way to create an “autologin” between a web based system (credentials controlled by browser, or SSO through cookies) or the desktop (controlled by the OS).
Well, at least that’s our idea…

So, in brief: I don’t think it is possible at this moment :wink:



This would be possible if your workstations are members of the AD authentication domain, using a third party product.
We use NetIQ Access Manager to do this.
The AM server is registered with the domain and uses a proxy with kerberos and pass-through authentication to the web site.
Unless some one comes up with a kerberos proxy for NC, that would be the only way I know of to do it.