LDAP Anbindung ohne baseDN Angabe

ist es möglich eine LDAP Anbindung an einen Server zumachen, aber keine BaseDN bzw die Root als BaseDN anzugeben?
Ich möchte meine User unter keine OU Anlegen.

A BaseDN is needed for the LDAP search, but I think you can specify a one level search instead of a subtree search so it won’t search recursively.

Hello KarlF12, and what must i write in the field BaseDN to select the root Level?

For an example.local domain controller: DC=example, DC=local

I’m not sure I understood your question clearly (I used a translator), but if the goal is to pull users from a place in LDAP, but not from OUs beneath it, then the BaseDN would be the distinguished name of the OU you want it to look in for users. And then do a one-level search instead of subtree search.

When searching LDAP for user objects, the BaseDN or SearchBase tells it where to start looking.

If your users are at the root of the LDAP domain, then your BaseDN would be the LDAP root DN, e.g. dc=example,dc=com.