LDAP AD password change does not change oc_credentials

Sucessfully configured an LDAP Active Directory connection and can change user passwords under Nextcloud. But the “credentials” field in the table oc_credentails isn’t updated.

If an external SMB storage for this user is configured with the option “Log-in credentials, save in database” the user can’t access this external SMB storage anymore because the field credentials wasn’t updated. You’ll have to delete the complete entry in the database manually, do a relogin and the correct credentials are written and the external SMB storage is accessable.

Is there a way to force updating the credentials in the database?

Nextcloud version: 18.0.0
Database: PostgreSQL 10.10
PHP-Version: 7.2.24
Linux: Version: Ubuntu 18.04.1

After searching a while I’ve found the solution on github and applied the patch:


After a password change in the AD and a logon in Nextcloud with the new password, the password is updated successfully in the oc_credentials table.