LDAP / AD Integration need Domain\sAMAccountName for Login


I want to connect a drive from the nextcloud server via webdav on a Windows Server 2016.

This works if i use the Username (sAMAccountName).

But in my situation i need domain\username instead of using only the username.
Do anybody knows how to manage this? I think i had to edit in nextcloud LDAP/AD integration → Login Attributes → other Attributes
But the attribute i need is not to find.


Hi. Login using domain\username is not an attribute.

In truth it is a Microsoft authentication scheme, where you defines the domain and then the sAMAccountName, hence there is no AD attribute which directly reflects the native domain\username authentication scheme. This is also very old school, and even Microsoft themselves, recommend to use the UserPrincipalName (also because this is the one you use for AzureAD, hence there is consistency in a hybrid scenario).

UserPrincipilName (UPN) is the primary M365 mailbox and account name aswell. The first part of the UPN is always equal the sAMAccountName anyway.


Oldschool Windows: