Ldap/ad integration [can't connect]

I want to use the app called “LDAP/AD Integration”, but it just won’t work.

any ideas? :slight_smile:

Some questions and remarks:
First: Your Username should be in LDAP Style else you already have contact and correct user/group settings
Second: Is this the correct base DN? - It is quite short
Third: what does the “Test Base DN” Button say?
…and… when you type te connection at command line with a tool like ldapsearch - what does it say? (use -vvv to increase “verbosity”)

first, sorry i forgot to mention it, but its a windows ldap server, I dont know if it makes much of a difference, but I assume i cant use ldapsearch or am i mistaken?

I also think the dn is wrong, but not sure what to write then, but heres a picture of my configuration.

and when i press “Test Base DN” it says, DN appears to be wrong, and LDAP operations error.
Here’s a picture of it:

btw, the port can be registered automatically.

And here is some logs:

My guess is, that you should use as username something like


and your Base DN is more like


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Thanks alot! <3

It’s actually talking to it now, you’re a life savior :smiley: