Latest iOS update broke access to external storage from within iOS Files App

Cannot access external storage configured in NextCloud from within iOS Files App after applying the latest iOS update (3.0.3). Was able to do so in the previous version!

IOS: 13.6 (iPadOS)
IOS App: 3.0.3
NextCloud: 17.0.8
Type of external storage: a folder outside the NextCloud installation folder on the same server

I have figured out what was causing the issue. If a folder contains more than 500 files and/or sub-folders, it will break! However, I still don’t know why it wasn’t an issue in the previous version of the app.

HI there,

i am revisiting this because i am having similar issues with the latest iOS app (

I setup an external storage in a docker that maps into the photos app. i can browse perfectly fine the folder in a browser but not in the IOS app since the last update (

Autoupload is also not working to this location. When i try to change the location in autoupload to the external one, I get an error 504. and time out.

All that worked in the previous iOS version.

Does anyone else experience the same issue with the iOS app ?