Latency and reliability issues when using s3 object storage as primary storage

Installation details:

helm chart nextcloud-3.5.21
image: tag: 26.0.5-apache
db: mariadb
redis: enabled

Object Storage as primary storage: MinIO
Configured according to the following documentation: Configuring Object Storage as Primary Storage — Nextcloud 13 Administration Manual 13 documentation

Hi there,

when using Object Storage as primary storage the latency in the UI is unfortunately so high, that it is nearly unusable (mostly due to loading times of files and folders in the overview). Also copying folders with a size around 600 MB is very unreliable: In > 90% of the requests the folder is not copied completely. Some files are not copied at all, others have the ending .part and are incomplete. The duration for copying is > 60s. In a similar installation without Object Storage as primary Storage the UI is much more responsive and the same scenario for copying works without issues in < 5s.

We would be very interested to know, if someone has experienced similar issues and has a recommendation for us.

Hi @christianwolf - First, please use modern documentation:

The one you linked to is for NC13 (!).

There are a million possibilities that could cause this, but not enough information to go on other than taking wild guesses:

  • Check your Nextcloud logs; there may be clues
  • Remove some variables: e.g.
    • For a sanity check on your MinIO installation, you may want to test against AWS S3
    • Run Nextcloud outside of Helm a standalone instance to see if it’s something seemingly specific to your K8S environment or Helm setup
    • You can even do this in some other cloud or whatever since a standalone Primary Storage S3 based Docker container is super easy to bring online (and this will help you further understand if something in your environment/etc is causing this or whatever)

MinIO is the main S3 object store used in the Server project’s testing so it can certainly work well with Nextcloud.

Hi @jtr,

thank you very much for the quick response and sorry for the outdated documentation link. This already helps a lot since we were curious to know, if there are any general known issues and limitations when working with MinIO as s3 storage which ist of course not the case, when you use it for the Server project’s testing and have good experience with it.

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