Last changes in XLSX lost after NC container update


Here is my setup :

  • OS : Ubuntu 20.04
  • Docker version : 20.10.21
  • Nextcloud images : from nextcloud:25.0.4-apache to nextcloud:25.0.5-apache
  • Redis image : redis:5.0.7
  • Persisted path : /var/www/html/
  • CODE server and Nextcloud Office : installed from Nextcloud Applications

One of my users told me that the content of one shared document (xlsx) is back to 20 days ago (after update to 25.0.5 docker image), but he saw his last version of the document 2 days ago, when using 25.0.4 docker image. File activity is logged and we saw some activities on the file, but on the filesystem when I’m exploring the backup of the file (and versions), we can’t see any modification within the last 20 days.

After some discussions with the user, he rarely save explicitly the document (File > Save) and let the online editor proceeding with auto-save.

So my question, is how and where Nextoffice stores changes on files with the auto-save?

I’m wondering if when I’ve restarted the docker container, modifications that were auto-saved on a document are stored in a path in a diff format or something like and so are the latest modification lost on the container update, because the path isn’t persistent.
Any clue if I’m right or wrong about how the auto-save works?