Large upload on S3 primary storage : 1 part very minute

Hi everyone,

I’m using S3 as primary storage with up-to-date Nextcloud 18.

I try to upload a large file (20GB) from Nextcloud client (on Ubuntu device) to my server.

I can see that a “part file” is created every minute on my S3 bucket.

Is it expected ? How can I tune this ? I would like less temporary upload parts…

Thank you.

Why? Curious on your reasoning.

Because it takes a (very) long time to my server to rejoin each parts ! Causing timeouts on PHP/Nginx side.
I suppose it needs to re-download each part, join and re-upload ! It’s so time consuming for nothing.

I don’t think it would be possible. Since you are using S3 as primary storage everything has to go through S3 including the chunks.

I’m agree with that, but I would like less chunks, one every minute seems a lot to me. And it should be configurable.