Large amount of temporary files

After syncing a local folder using the Nextcloud desktop app, a large number of temporary files are generated, according to the following pattern:


These seem to be generated for every single file in the synced folder, causing the folder size to double on disk.

As far as I can see, these temporary files seem to be created by nextcloud, but I don’t why or how to get rid of them. It would be impossible to remove them all manually.

Nextcloud Desktop Client Version: 3.90
Operating System: Arch Linux, Kernel Version 6.3.9

Is this known behaviour?

I don’t think so.

Those looks like the temporary files created during downloads propagation.

The logs might provide some clues.

This doesn’t look like a folder, this is looking like a Git repository in VScode. Why would you want to synchronize that with your Nextcloud in the first place?

Anyways, I’m not sure what causes the issue, but I wouldn’t find it surprising if there were conflicts, resulting from VScode, Git and the Nextcloud client, all doing their things on the same folder, maybe even all of them at the same time.

The errors occur for every file (no exceptions at all) in the synced folder (I only depicted as many files as would fit in the screenshot, but in fact it affects the over 50.000 files), which primarily includes “regular” files.

I synchronize the git repos because I have >20 repositories on up to 5-6 systems at the same time. I usually work on the repositories on computers with intermittent internet access, so I sadly don’t have the luxury to git pull (especially larger projects) when I am on the road, or to do it for each repo on each computer ahead of time. Also, a lot of the repositories are only local for versioning. I know that it is not the optimal use-case.

The logs do not appear to be present in the debug archive. I am assuming that I disturbed them too much while cleaning up the folder. I will see if I can recreate the error.
What do you mean with “Downloads propagation”? I can’t find much on that, I assume that would be the propagation of files between server and client?

Thanks for the support!