Kreise in Kontakte

Hallo an Euch,
wie kann man “Kreise” unter “Kontakte” deaktivieren, sodass sie nicht mehr angezeigt werden? Bei mir werden wahllos “nutzlose” Kreise angezeigt, was ich störend finde. Vielen Dank und Grüße, BertieBertie

Hello everyone,
I’d like to formulate my problem differently. I created a NextCloud-account with a newly created email address. So everything is new and still without any entries from me! So, why do I see strange circles from strange accounts in my contact overview? In my opinion, these circles have no place in my NextCloud-account contacts.

If I wanted to join these circles, I could integrate them into my account from an external “circle”-pool, for example. Therefore, I’d like to prevent these external circles from appearing internally in my account. But how can I do that? I can’t delete these circles because they don’t belong to me. In my opinion, it’s not okay that NextCloud-owners can create circles that then automatically appear in my account and can’t be deleted or deactivated by me! Is there any workaround to prevent strange circles from appearing on my account? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Kind regards,