Koofr webdav integration


First, apologies if this is not in the correct category. Please advice, if so.

Anyway, I’m running NC version 11.0.3. I’m trying to set up an external storage with Koofr cloud storage via the WebDAV protocol. They don’t specifically provide instructions for setting up integration with NC, but they do support WebDAV, and have instructions for e.g. Linux here. I had it working with Gnome in Linux with their instructions quite easily, but with NC I can see

503 Storage is temporarily not available

in the NC log being returned by their service, when trying to open the external folder in the NC ui.

Now, I’m not saying NC is necessarily at fault here, but before turning to Koofr support, I would like to know if there’s any way I could get to see the raw WebDAV exchange (setting loglevel => 0 didn’t really generate any additional output) between my NC instance and the Koofr WebDAV server. The raw protocol level output would greatly help all parties (my self included) in debugging this.


the server on which you are installed the nc allows outgoing webdav connections?


Thanks for replying!

Yeah I would believe so as WebDAV operates over http(s), right? At least there are no firewall restrictions in place which would interfere with outgoing connections to TCP ports 80/443.

Or do you mean that there’s some config switch in NC which could be used to disallow outgoing WebDAV connections?

yes webdav uses 80 or 443, so it should work, is your nc using https or http?