Known workarounds for iOS?

First of - what an amazing app. Huge kudos to all involved.
That said - I’d like to really promote the use of this app with as many people in my circle(s) as possible. One problem is that a lot of them have an iPhone and/or iPad.

I’ve read all the ‘please support iOS’ threads on the Android app pages, and unfortunately it seems there’s not going to be an iOS app any time soon (even when people offered to pay the yearly Apple Developer fee, mind you).

So does anyone know of a workaround that will work easily and reliably on iOS? The browser plugins for example, do they work on iOS? If so, any difference between the Chrome and Firefox version?
Normally I’d test this myself before asking, but unfortunately the only iOS device in my close neighborhood belongs to the lady of the house. And she won’t let me touch her precious iPhone unless I can tell her beforehand that what I’m trying to achieve has any chance of succeeding… :roll_eyes:

As far as i know there is no native app for iOS. Also, since Apple forces all browser manufacturers to use their safari engine on iOS, there is no support for extensions in any major browser.

What you could try to do is check if it is possible to use nextcloud as progressive webapp on iOS. That way it would at least look like an app.