Kind of docker/appliances related project - openmediavault5/nextcloud

Better late than never. Lately, i 've being a little harsh and not fancy about all those VM/Docker stuff !

Being really fed up with all those super messages about how those docker things are great :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and easy to use and never failing and being vm stuff …

I decided to challenge myself on a real hardware test bench ( old parts, small disk ) to start from scratch a NAS/Nextcloud server using every think i dislike :scream:

  • Debian 10 minimum install as a platform.
  • NGINX as web server ( maybe a reverse proxy over apache2, not sure yet )
  • Lets-encrypt ssl certs
  • Openmediavault version 5 as primary NAS/docker controller
    – mariaDB inside a docker
    – Nextcloud16 inside a docker
    – Raid 60 ( 5 Hdd )
    — btrf and lvm managed.

Yep, king of tricky.

So… will post my experience.

Any suggestion, put-it on !!!

This might be my next prod family server, who knows !

i don’t know openmediavault.

this is a bit more raw docker. :wink:

Hello Reiner.

Yes, i discovered your enormous work on your site ( send you a message about consistency between apache/nginx install and netdata )…

Open mediavault is like a freenas/truenas system over a debian.

Actual “live” release is OMV4.

OMV5 is still some kind of devel/modders release…