Kerberos Login with Web-Form-Login as failover


I’m currently trying to setup a Nextcloud Cluster for a quite specific use-case. My Plan is to auto-logon my Terminalserver-Users via WebDav to Mount their “HOME-Directory” (aka. personal Nextcloud Storage-Space) to allow them to browse their files on Mobile- / BYOD-Devices but also integrate their files natively into their Windows-Environment.

My Problem now is, that BYOD-Device are, of course, not able to login via Kerberos. They need the classic Web-Form Login Page to log-in. As far as I found out it is not possible to use Kerberos (aka. env. login) side-by-side with any other Method.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar use case?

Thanks in advance!
Eifoen :slight_smile: