Keeweb not working anymore?

Hi, since I did the nextcloud 18 upgrade, I can’t use keeweb (0.6.2).
Here’s what I see when I go to the app :

Anyone can help me please?

It seems to be running fine on my Nextcloud 18 machine, but I’m still running 0.6.1. Are you able to downgrade a version?

Unfortunately I was in 0.6.1 before and it was not working then I tried to upgrade to 0.6.2 to see if it will fix it.

If both 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 are giving you the same error, the cause is likely something else breaking both versions.

Are any other apps having trouble? Your error screenshot almost looks like the app’s PHP isn’t being parsed properly, but if PHP was broken, Nextcloud itself probably wouldn’t be working.

Are you able to disable Keeweb, then remove it completely from your system? You can then try installing it again “clean”. There might be something broken in the current install that wasn’t fixed when you upgraded to 0.6.2.

When you log in as the administrator, go to “Settings”, then “Overview”. It will do a quick internal scan and tell you if your database is missing tables or if there’s something else wrong with your Nextcloud. It might give you a hint as to what’s wrong.

Lastly, is everything else in the system up to date? The only other thing I can think of is maybe there’s something out of date that isn’t working properly with other components (e.g. maybe mod_php is out of date making Apache flaky with PHP).

Sorry I have no definitive solution, but hopefully something here will help!

I tried to uninstall and reinstall and I tried to check the database integrity and the files using the occ commands.
But it’s the only application that is not working.
I think it’s an issue with my configuration.
My NC is installed on a readyNAS with a manual php installation and behind a reverse proxy.
But I don’t understand why it was working well until the NC 18 update.

Sorry, I have no more suggestions :frowning_face:

I’m on FreeBSD, and I have no idea how it differs from ReadyNAS, or what software ReadyNAS uses.

Oh, I have one more thought - what version of PHP are you running? I’m running PHP7.3. Perhaps ReadyNAS is running 7.0 or something, so most things work, but Keeweb needs a higher version?

(Grasping at straws trying to think of something here!)

haha, thanks for your help anyway.
I’m running on 7.3 as well.
I think I’ll install it on my server instead of my NAS.
I tried a sandbox clone of my installation on my openBSD server and it’s working.
I guess it’s a problem with one of my packages in the readyNAS.
I can’t find another solution right now too.

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